Peak Statistical Services

Evergreen, Colorado

Welcome to Peak Stat

Peak Statistical Services is a provider of quality contract SAS programming and statistical data analysis from our offices near beautiful Evergreen, Colorado. We can help when you are in need of some statistical and/or programming support but don't have the funding, space or computer resources to hire someone full-time by providing first class support for your project remotely on an as-needed basis.

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Clinical Trials - Design, develop, implement and maintain software for the monitoring, reporting and analysis of clinical trials.
    • NDA and ISS table/listings/figures programming and/or validation
    • Data Analysis
  • Pharmaceutical Outcomes / Comparative Effectiveness Research support
    • Research Data Management
    • Statistical Analysis
  • Toxicology and Medical Research support
  • Biostatistics

Peak Stat is an affiliate member of the SAS Alliance since 1996.