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Evergreen, Colorado

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Richard Read Allen

Principal Consultant and Owner of Peak Stat


BA (Mathematics) - Muskingum College

MS (Mathematics) - University of Dayton


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Richard Read Allen has been using SAS software to consult with researchers for data management and statistical analysis since 1984 while studying for a Ph D in Statistics at Montana State University, where one of his first projects was a study on the "Affects of Non Motorized Recreational Activities on Grizzly Bears". It was this quirky study that got him hooked on helping independent researchers with their work.

After leaving graduate school, he continued his career as an in-house consulting statistician/programmer at the FDA’s National Center for Toxicological Research in Jefferson, Arkansas.

In 1994 Richard moved to Evergreen, Colorado and started Peak Statistical Services and continues to provide SAS programming and statistical support to researchers in various fields.

client list


University of Colorado (School of Pharmacy)
National Center for Toxicological Research
OSI Pharmaceuticals
Data Driven Enterprises



Nexstar Pharmaceuticals
Gilead Sciences
Atrix Labs
Celonova Biosciences
Denver Health
Colorado Prevention Center
University of Colorado (Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis)
Destiny Corporation
Chatfield Consultants
The Marketeers

Peak Stat is an affiliate member of the SAS Alliance since 1996.